Cozywords ( November 2015 )

Here you will find cozy words shared by Zarathustra, and whispered in our ears. When you suscribe, you will receive them as emails once to four times a month. For more cozy words, search in the menu bar.


« Thousands of years have past but I am still with you, Humanity. I am sitting near you at this very moment, but my energy is different from what it was in the prophets’ time. My words of wisdom are similar to what I had shared with you then, however my purpose today has one more layer. I am here to mirror back to you who you really are. I want you to learn about your true identity, I want you to let yourself bloom, whatever limits your mind has set on this truth for whatever length of time.
And my love for you is so grand that my heart overflows with joy each and every time you allow me closer to you, and I want you to hear this truth as well, to hear it so clearly that you’ll end up making it yours one day, when fear is no longer a part of your landscape. 

Extrait de: Annie Francoeur. « A Bridge for Zarathustra. » iBooks. 


« Today, I wish to remind you of my presence, my support for all of you who seek a better life, who are looking for light and divine compassion to nurture them. I am here to remind people to what extent they are the physical expression of their divine Essence and to guide them into their own creation. I come to remind everyone as well that their divinity is only waiting for an invitation to play with them.
When we dare to allow space for what we truly are, this sets an energy in motion, opens an inner door in which a new energy can flow and bloom. "


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