Potato's Journey

Here, in a nutshell, is how Potato came to life, this wonderful Potato that inspires me, makes me laugh, and that I am happy to share with you in my blog, Cozy words and Zodiac interpretation. Let me say that if she inspires you I will be twice happy, and if again she inspires you to hear and receive your very own Potato, this will be over the top!
Potato was born 2 years ago, while I was having a session and doing some breathing with Norma Delaney, my mentor and dear friend, the One who taught me over the years how to allow so much of ME in my life that I became able to receive the dear presence of Zarathustra. 
So, while I was breathing deeply during one of these sessions with Norma, I saw aspects of me, (those scattered parts of our history that are not yet integrated, and still leading our life when we lose our balance) so I saw these aspects land at the feet of my shining loving Soul. They were exhausted, creased, weak and dirty, and they looked like rotten potatoes. At last! Here they could find some rest! And, to my surprise at this moment of integration, at the feet of my Soul was a kind of locker room, and each of the rotten potatoes had a tiny locker awaiting them with their name written on it. There, they could leave once and for all their heavy load of troubles and fears. One by one, I saw them go into the light. 
Since then, each time I am ready to integrate any kind of old story from my past, a Potato illustrating this step appears to me, now with her good humour and smiles, and often times all I need to do is stop laughing and draw it down to share.

Moreover, Potato shares her Divine Zodiacal views with us. This means that she is showing us a new way to consider Astrology and to use it, first by offering her reading of the given sun sign. Then, she suggests that we take advantage of this specific energy by inviting its potentials and characteristics in our lives, even if the sign described is not ours. This is possible because any sun sign period is radiating the energy of the celestial bodies related to that particular sign for everybody to tap in.

A Regular Potato's Journey into awakening.

Potato has heard somewhere that the Awakening is for every potato being, and these words sang a sweet song to her ears. A spark of new life lit her inner being and off she went, on her longed for Awakening journey. 

Bravely, Potato heads towards her goal, but the road is demanding, the weight of her old games slowing her down. 

But on the road to OneSelf, there is always a master to guide one veggie, even if sometimes  it is under an unexpected peel.


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