Here you will find some excerpts from our book A Bride for Zarathustra, relating my experience with allowing his energies in my life and sharing pieces of his grand and compassionate wisdom. 



-Amazed, I felt the presence flowing swiftly from one side of my head to the other, repeating “Zarathustra, Zarathustra”. At the same time a very sweet feeling of bliss was filling my whole being. Although nobody was there, I had no doubt I heard a voice, like a friend calling out for me.   

-We began to breathe together, as I kept exploring with her the topics dear to my heart at that time. According to her view on my life, my demons and fears were nothing more than stuck thoughts, or beliefs. Aandrah teaches quite simply that this conscious breath will bring us back into the now moment, allowing us to live the authentic reality that our soul offers us, instead of putting up with the drama offered by our emotions. 

-With time and practice, this way of breathing allows us to welcome the wholeness of our soul. As we breathe in our Essence, we invite and give permission to reconnect with every part of our being. “No matter how long it takes,” Aandrah always says, “there is nothing else you have to do but breathe the breath of your soul and allow that divine sweetness which is yours to bloom in your life.”  

-I explained briefly to my friends the arrival of this new energy in my life, and even if they were all open-minded sweet people who knew about that type of experience, I was embarrassed to share.  I felt ridiculous. I left the living room and went into my room. Almost instantly I was lying on my bed making some space in me for this new presence – only to test it out a bit, to see if it was real, if it was still “there”. I didn’t ask anything in particular, I just said, “Zarathustra, are you there?”

Immediately, I was brought into another type of sensing, instantly connecting with a feeling of suffocating, sulfurous air filled with dirt, seeing a dry ground trampled by a horde of galloping animals. The sound! Oh God!

-To allow the presence of Zarathustra near to visit wasn’t too much for me. What took me much longer to accept, years in fact, was that he wasn’t considering only a brief stay. He actually had quite a specific goal in having come into my life: he wished to offer me the grace of his presence ad infinitum.  

-Gradually, all by itself, a change occurred in our relationship, because I allowed it. When my defenses were lowered and I felt lighthearted and open, I gave him more space, only to feel alive and experience a bliss, a fluid gentle type of joy wrapping me with its cozy presence, asking for nothing in return. It was simply there for me. A grace: there is no better way for me to put this, a grace that I slowly learned to receive more and more of for me. This feeling was so different than what I had perceived the first time I connected with Zarathustra’s energies – the mud, dirt and killing. Later, I understood that this incident had been presented to me only because it was one my soul had kept locked away for when I would be ready to release it with the help of compassionate acceptance. Zarathustra had many other topics he wanted us to consider together.

-He told me one day that it was time. I didn’t know – time for what? So he explained, “It is time for humans to bloom”. 

-He came to me because he knew that I would sense him easily, and that I would end up opening my heart to his presence sooner or later, and then forever. We have a common past together: well not the me of this lifetime, but he and my soul. My soul being this spark of divinity to which my current human story is linked, in the same way all humans are linked to their own soul. Well, that divine spark lived in another body thousands of years ago, and that being shared a life and part of its history with the Persian master Zarathustra. 


-Today, I wish to remind you of my presence, my support for all of you who seek a better life, who are looking for light and divine compassion to nurture them. I am here to remind people to what extent they are the physical expression of their divine Essence and to guide them into their own creation. I come to remind everyone as well that their divinity is only waiting for an invitation to play with them.

-Ahead of me a path unfolds slowly, softly, and I don’t know where it leads. But I have absolutely no fear.

            An unwavering trust guides my life, every part of it, for I am Divine. That is all that I am. I have nothing else to offer but the perfection of my being, and here I am sharing it with you in its full light. My truth is the most precious treasure that I hold. You will be quick to say that life is the most precious gift of all, but from where I stand I can see that there are no worries at all, for I am an eternal being. Just like you. 

-Dear Humanity, I return in this new and brilliant millennium to lift this veil that was concealing some memories from the consciousness of my beloved writer, so that she could become conscious of these truths. And I return for you, Beautiful Humanity, for you to hear once again that such gifts are within your reach, countless opportunities to come to peace with your past and dive into your now, freely, more and more freely into this now that too often is left standing idle, waiting for you to come and play.

It is never too late, your age and life situation do not matter: nothing can prevent you from welcoming into your greatness the wounded pieces of your life. Nothing can stop your integration if you so choose.

Your soul has been waiting for the ideal circumstances: centuries, millenniums, eons of time to bring you the opportunity to come to peace with yourself, to move on. Why? The right timing is important: not essential, but important. Strong support is helpful to make these transformations that are seen as healings; I like to call them liberations, releases. Eternity is on our side, here. 

-The child walks through this world, and his wonderment acts as an amplifier for the whole of existence. The child is a bond between the divine and the material world: he is the channel through which energy travels in order to anchor itself even more in the physical experience, from one generation to another, one era onto the next. Throughout time most adults are moved deeply at the sight of a baby. They feel its purity, its magic, even if most of the time they don’t think about the deeper meaning of his arrival. The vast majority of people see children as the ones needing to learn, whereas it’s actually the opposite. So much attention is devoted to a child’s education, so much time is dedicated to teaching rules, and these methods have a direct impact on human beings that tends to be ignored. It slowly stifles creativity: the angelic quality that is part of the embodied experience, as mental structures get stronger. Of course, if a child grows up in a setting where rules are not as important, he will have a very different concept of living than other people, with quite a noticeable difference in what he manifests in that lifetime.

Eventually, when a human chooses to consciously renew his connection to the divine energy, he will be able to reunite with this authentic part that he weaned himself off of while growing up. May humans find the way to this divine quality alive in their core by their own will and desire, and may they shine this love and wisdom amidst their physical life on Earth, to savor it as a true creator.

-I have been this bearer of light. I led the life of the one guiding others through his own way of life and teachings. Among my family, when I was a child, my relatives called me little sunshine. From morning ‘til night I roamed through life smiling and laughing for everything gave me reason to wonder. I felt the flow of this magical source of love running through my young body, I saw it spring from my being and connect with the entire universe, linking me to the tiniest bug and the highest mountain top with equal joy. All was a source of amazement and bliss for me. What flows between two beings while such an exchange of love occurs is the true and very source of miracles. 


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