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Two contrasting voices blend together, sharing their intimate views in this unique portrait of Zarathustra’s journey into his Soul-led human life. Discover the honest testimonial of the one allowing this divine presence in her life, and receive the gifts offered by the generous spiritual master that is Zarathustra.

Book excerpt: “That is all very wonderful, but in that exact moment, I was fighting Aandrah’s words. I couldn’t follow what she was saying to me very well, and it wasn’t the crowd that was diverting my attention. It was that name, “Zarathustra”. So I shared with her what was happening and my surprise at the arrival of this entity I knew nothing about which I was hearing again so clearly. “Zarathustra” on my left side, and then up to the right of my head, “Zarathustra”. It was persistent and sort of jolly. She smiled at me gently, as if this were all in a day’s work for her, then asked me whether I agreed “to breathe in” this energy, to allow Zarathustra in my life?

Readers comments:

I and my beloved husband Peter G. appreciate much the authentic voice of Zarathustra in this book. You, as the channel could put away your personality, so that the true voice of Zarathustra comes through.
The pictures of the sharings of Zarathustra are vivid, joyful and clear. The stories and energy of Ashepsut touches my heart deeply. Two years ago, I visited her place in Egypt and we will visit this year in june Iceland - we planed the trip to Iceland  last year in october - how amazing. To be and to feel enlightened, to breath in our life is the most exciting feeling ever.
With love Katharina & Peter G.

"Fresh compassionate approach pertinent to today’s spirituality integration and evolvement” 
Ralph, USA

"This book is a real jewel full of love, wisdom, colors and new discoveries.  The flow of Annie’s channeling and communication with Z is a real example of how our breath and trust in a “holy communion” with Soul may lead us our way in a joyful mode and make the choice on how to live and lead our life."
Gabriela, USA

"Un gran libro de cabecera - para leer con calma.  Positivo, creativo e inspirador - una profunda fuente de sabiduria para vivir y ver la vida con las posibilidades tan amplias y diversas como las plumas del pavo real."





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