Welcome to my page ! This blog offers a halt in our galloping days, an opportunity of surrendering to your own stillness. You will find here sweet words inspired by the loving energies of Zarthustra, and I will be thrilled to share his presence with you. Come visit again to add new ingredients to your own inspiration.

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Interview by Jean-Pascal Danos with Annie

Here is the link for an interview that was directed by Jean-Pascal Danos, from France, on December 22, 2014. The audio is in French only.Read more


Daring to beat your own path brings much joy and beauty into your life.Read more


Z says: "We cannot do anything against fears, but to love them".  What I understand from this with my human self is: May they be my own fears or someone else's, to deny them or to attack them will give no peaceful results. To love them boils down to this: Choose to bring these fears ... Read more

On the awakening journey

Potato on the Awakening Journey. Click "Read" and "Potato Journey" to follow our brave heroine. Here is the potatoish embodiment of a human's quest for All that She Is. Potato has felt it, she knows within her core that more and better awaits her. Like you and me, at first she hits the wall. ... Read more

Happy awareness

To be fully aware of our surrounding, to take it for what it is, nothing else, gives us the freedom of sensing life's flow and to bask in it. Read more


Here you will find cozy words shared by Zarathustra, and whispered in our ears. When you suscribe, you will receive them as emails once to four times a month. For more cozy words, search in the menu bar.


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