Welcome to my page ! This blog offers a halt in our galloping days, an opportunity of surrendering to your own stillness. You will find here sweet words inspired by the loving energies of Zarthustra, and I will be thrilled to share his presence with you. Come visit again to add new ingredients to your own inspiration.

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Warrior at rest

April 10, 2015. I had been fighting over an old thought, not seeing the true reason for its presence in my life. Finally, I chose to let in more of my authentic self, and less of the preconceived thoughts I had gathered along my life. This freeing choice helped me see under a new light an ... Read more


What a great opportunity!  Easter is reminding us to let our true nature, our full Presence shine. If her shape and skin doesn't fit the outside expectations, Potato doesn't mind. Once she allows herself to be Soul-connected, Potato enjoys it all. ​Read more

March 25th, 2015

Hi, we are thrilled that you have chosen to add you energies to those of our website, either by browsing it, or by subscribing to the newsletters.  Please feel free to send us requests on topics that are dear to your heart via the comments box, as Zarathustra enjoys more than anything sharing ... Read more

Yeah for Aries!

March! This month takes us into the renewed energy of spring, and it is also the beginning of a new spin of the Zodiac, starting with the Fiery Aries sign. I can talk a bit about these, as this is my sun sign. :) This morning, as I was washed away from my peace by a wave of impatience, my Soul ... Read more


16 mars 2015- It is a joy for me to launch the new version of my website. Still quite young, it was eager to find some new horizons to thrive. Change dances in the flow of life! Under the tab "Read", you will now find some excerpts from our book, and the doodles relating the unfolding of ... Read more


Here you will find cozy words shared by Zarathustra, and whispered in our ears. When you suscribe, you will receive them as emails once to four times a month. For more cozy words, search in the menu bar.


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