Welcome to my page ! This blog offers a halt in our galloping days, an opportunity of surrendering to your own stillness. You will find here sweet words inspired by the loving energies of Zarthustra, and I will be thrilled to share his presence with you. Come visit again to add new ingredients to your own inspiration.

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Gemini! May 20 to June 21, the energy of the Gemini is with us, and Potato shares her views on this intellectual and dual sun sign. The traditional Gemini has a grand capacity to read and analyze his counterpart, may this one be his partner, his opponent, or any life form or situation ... Read more

Letting go

What is letting go? It is not about giving up on life or endorsing the "head in the sand approach", no!  In a nutshell, it is about letting go of judging the situation we find ourselves in. Firstly, it is about not fighting it, but rather observing the facts for what they truly ... Read more

Freedom of choice

Potato at the crossroads. Freedom comes much more from the inner self than the outer world. Potato breathes better when she allows herself to choose the road of No Conditioning. The idea is to start easy, and soon the sense of freedom coming from that choice will become a ... Read more

It happens in the Now

Living in the now gives access to sublime beauties that remain unseen to those choosing to linger in the past or project themselves into the future. Read more


Taurus! The earthy and fixed energy of the Taurus is the shinning star from April 21 to May 21, and it is ours to choose how we live it. Like the toreador, Potato breathes in the Earth energy and dances with grace through the flow of life, no matter what comes ahead. Read more


Here you will find cozy words shared by Zarathustra, and whispered in our ears. When you suscribe, you will receive them as emails once to four times a month. For more cozy words, search in the menu bar.


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