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Soon it will be Christmas time!

Hi everyone! We can hear it coming with its jolly bells ringing from afar, Holiday Season will be here in a blink. This is why I feel like sharing with you a piece of Z's wisdom: When we participate, share, eat and drink, let's invite our Soul and inner God to guide us in our choices. This ... Read more


Sagittarius: November 23 – December 22. Born under the ninth Zodiacal sign, the Fiery Sagittarius is a globetrotter loving all about the planet he is scouting. Traveling great distances and short ones helps our Jupiter native grasp the subtleties of the world while feeding his great need of ... Read more

Shine your light!

Allow the divine light to shine through you. This state of integration will happen when one makes the conscious choice of peace, nothing else. Gandhi and Mandela have both demonstrated clearly that it is through this personal commitment and embodiment of this peace that one ... Read more

Scorpio sun sign

Scorpio Sun Sign: October 24, November 21 (varies with leap year) Scorpio people may flinch when hearing clichés (again?) about their powerful but ill-appreciated sun sign, mostly about its attraction for the death and sexual dimensions. Potato, Master of the Awakened and Rooted Astrology, lifts ... Read more

Potato on Life Balance

Libra  September 23rd - October 23rd  Gently ruled by beautiful Venus with the Air element, Libra is the seventh zodiacal sign, and the first of the wheel to experience life with and through others, instead of through self-perception, as the previous signs mostly will. As charming and ... Read more


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