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This body of mine

Physical link between my own self and the world in which I live, my body is the sacred vehicle through which I can perceive my life and dwell in it... or not. Indeed, it is the relationship with this body of mine that determines to what extent I can enjoy what is offered to me every day of this ... Read more


Pisces   February 20th – March 20th. Closing the loop of the Zodiacal wheel, the complex and multidimensional Pisces sign has heaps of wisdom hidden, most of the time, under an unfathomable and seductive disguise of reverie. Quite in his early years, our Pisces has learned to unleash ... Read more


My heart sinking fast, it is with utter disbelief that I feel in my right hand the full weight of the stem of orchid buds, severed from its hub by my urge to support it with a growing stick. Snap! My hand is denying as much as I am the floral crime. I was so looking forward to watching these ... Read more

Aquarius sun sign

Aquarius - January 23rd to February 19th Provided with an above-normal intelligence, being a visionary and progressive person, our Aquarius loves changes and innovations dearly. Most of his powerful and creative energy will be focused on the betterment of his life in general. Since the ... Read more

Capricorn Sun Sign

Capricorn: December 23rd to January 22nd. Potato loves Capricorns, for brown is their favourite colour and their element is… Earth! But there are lots more reason to fall for the Capricorns. Our horny friends have kind spirit, are generous, highly responsible, and show respect for all and ... Read more


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