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Where is the source of happiness?

Where is the source of happiness? Is it in the number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers we get, or dancing with the lines of our website statistics? Could it disappear suddenly and leave us alone in the darkness? Yes! For this type of happiness is occasional, fully depending on external ... Read more

It is now!

Time to awaken, more than ever! For what purpose? Is it because of all the conflicts, wars, and society issues we are witnessing and living? Is it to bring a helping hand to a desired global peace? All these are very important of course, but we cannot start anywhere else than in our own personal ... Read more

What if?

What if enlightenment was simply to live fully the exact moment life is offering us, now?  Let's stop expecting something else, something more, something elswhere. If I live fully in my Now, entirely devoted to what is in this moment, I will stop resisting, which will stop the suffering in my ... Read more

Non resistance

Any type of resistance is a hindrance to consciousness and well-being. Make it a habit to observe what is in your present. What you wish to change and can, do it. Towards the aspects of life you can't change, adopt the attitude of acceptance. You will discover that ... Read more


As I surfaced from my night's sleep a few days ago, a strong impression from a dream had stayed with me. It was a clear image from an email I had received... from Zarathustra. Funny boy. It contained the same message written four times using different languages. I understood ... Read more


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