Welcome to my page ! This blog offers a halt in our galloping days, an opportunity of surrendering to your own stillness. You will find here sweet words inspired by the loving energies of Zarthustra, and I will be thrilled to share his presence with you. Come visit again to add new ingredients to your own inspiration.

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Content or container?

Making room in my life (container) for light to flow in and expand is being in the now. Hint: If I hold on tight to my concepts and beliefs (contents) on awakening and wish for my friends and loved ones to endorse them, I hold on to the mind stuff, not the flow of light. This takes room in ... Read more


Dead leaves fly away with the automn winds, falling to the ground and enriching, nurturing the soil with their essence. It goes the same with life experiences, no matter if they are at their peak or vanishing. Each one of them has the power to enrich us if we allow their contents to nurture us ... Read more

On the road

  Life is like a roadtrip: If you want it to be enjoyable, choose a main destination and let go, trust. The unforeseen detours might bring the most fulfilling experiences. Please note that I didn't say "the most pleasant", but truly mean what I said, "the most FULFILLING"). Enjoy! Read more


Browse website It took a while for me to post this rainbow Potato. I had drawn her right after the Orlando events, planning to share what I felt about this very sensitive topic. But I realized that a part of me wanted to wait a bit before I did. Then, I knew that Potato, led by her rooted ... Read more

Where is the source of happiness?

Where is the source of happiness? Is it in the number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers we get, or dancing with the lines of our website statistics? Could it disappear suddenly and leave us alone in the darkness? Yes! For this type of happiness is occasional, fully depending on external ... Read more


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