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Happy awareness

To be fully aware of our surrounding, to take it for what it is, nothing else, gives us the freedom of sensing life's flow and to bask in it. Read more

The New Year

January 2015 -  Are you ready to seize the day and its new potentials? Built on the past years experiences, this New Year gets a bright start because I choose to let go of old burdens and unnecessary thoughts. I choose to travel light... To each one of you, a wonderful New Year! Read more

The gift of Light

Soul's light is available all year round. Let's enjoy its presence! Read more

Webradio show with Rupert Davis

On the 10th of October 2014, Rupert Davis, host of "Living and Creating with Soul", invited me to share with him. We had a grand time chatting about the joys of life when we invite our Soul, our Essence, to play with us. Picture: Rupert DavisRead more

The NewBreath Webcast with Norma

December 08 - Hi! What a joy and an honor I was offered to share the Newbreath Webcast with Norma Delaney. It was a magnificient moment of reunion with those who come to meet with Norma and Garret and share together the breath of compassion monthly. Thanks to all of you who were ... Read more


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