Welcome to my page ! This blog offers a halt in our galloping days, an opportunity of surrendering to your own stillness. You will find here sweet words inspired by the loving energies of Zarthustra, and I will be thrilled to share his presence with you. Come visit again to add new ingredients to your own inspiration.

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Hello dear friends!  Here is a bit of news about Potato, Annie and Z.  First of all, here is a link to the brand new radio show called "A New Energy Life" hosted by Anita Boom and Paulus Kuyper from the Netherlands. Their first show ever will air tomorrow the 24th of January at ... Read more

Radio show

Wednesday January 24th is going to air for the first time the web radio show called "New Energy Life" hosted by Anita Boom and Paulus Kuyper of the Netherlands. I had the priviliege of being their first guest for this Soul-led new radio show. Please join us as we meet together to create New ... Read more

The eclipse

  While the physical and media manifestations of the solar eclipse fill our day, Potato, the seasoned astrologer, suggests that we take time to breathe in the more subtle gifts of this rare celestial conjunction. Energies intensely flowing to us today can support our choice to have more ... Read more

Dear Garret

At the beginning of August, Garret made his transition into the world of the Eternal. I am so grateful for the gifts he gave us, which will keep unfolding in our lives if we dare opening our hearts to them. He will remain a hero to me, a courageous man whose intuition has helped many, ... Read more

New beginnings

Led to new shores by a strong inner call, Potato is bidding you, wonderful and fateful friends, goodbye for now, as she is drawn to discover more about the reunion of her beloved breath of compassion and consciousness to a gentle and potent body therapy called craniosacral. We plan to share here and ... Read more


Here you will find cozy words shared by Zarathustra, and whispered in our ears. When you suscribe, you will receive them as emails once to four times a month. For more cozy words, search in the menu bar.


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